Pre-publication Order for Soft Cover of Science Postprint

  • 2014/04/30
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Soft cover of SPP is going to be released this summer, followed by online service already started. It provides articles that have been published on SPP Web site field by field, so that you can use it as a scientific archive. We only sell them by subscription. Please refer to following information. For pre-publication order, please fill out the Pre-publication Order Form and click “SUBMIT” button.
The information submitted will be used only to review the application at our editorial office. We will contact you when the printing starts. In case there should be a delay, we will let you know about it in June 2014.

Science Postprint Vol.1 No.1

■ Soft cover: pages depend on published manuscripts
■ Full-color
■ Size: In A4 (21.0 × 29.7cm, 8.27 × 11.69 inches)
■ Included manuscripts:
All publications on Science Postprint Website by the end of June 2014
■ Publication date: August 2014
■ Price: 97,200JPY
(About US$900.00, depending on ratio of exchange; including tax and shipping cost)
■ Deadline for pre-publication order: The end of May 2014
Note: Printing will be postponed if orders are too small. Let us inform you about the delay in such case. On the other hand, when we receive a large number of orders, we might offer a discount.
■ Deadline for cancellation: The end of May 2014
You can cancel your pre-publication order via our contact form. Visit here.
■ Ways for Payment: Credit card (Paypal payment) or a Bank transfer
After the decision of printing, we will send you a payment instruction email. Please make payment by the end of July 2014.

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